Interior Design Trends 2022: Colours You’ll Want in Your Home

Interior Design Trends 2022: Colours You’ll Want in Your Home - The Hairpin Leg Co.

Did you know that colours can stimulate your brain and even affect your mood? As part of home interior design trends 2022, we're looking at how colour psychology is used to create stylish and intuitive home environments.

This article marks the latest in colour interior design trends for 2022 in the UK.

To start, let's take a look at one of the hottest colours you could choose for your home this season: warm copper.

Warm copper

In 2022, professional interior design experts predict that copper will be more popular than ever before. 

Copper is a metal that has been a part of human life for thousands of years. From its early use in tools then later in currency, roof tiles and electrical wire, it’s a metal with much connection to our past, known for its beauty and conductivity.

Looking to the future, 2022 predicts more people will be turning towards copper as a way to bring warmth into the home while adhering to a modern, industrial feel. 

Copper doesn’t take the warmth out of a room unlike silvery metals like steel.  And although copper has the same shine as silver or steel, which can make your rooms feel more sleek and modern, it has a bronze glow that is much more forgiving in modern and older homes alike. 

Copper accents in the home in the form of hardware or furniture with elements of copper, can be a great way to integrate the metal. Our cupboard handles in copper are designed in this way to be both functional and bright.

Copper can also be a great colour for walls. With its pinky hue, it offers the perfect contrast when used alongside cooler tones such as blue or white. It’s an ideal wall colour for a cosy living room or toned-down bedroom.

Even one or two small additions of this warm metal can make your home feel completely different.


Deep olive green

Moving on from the jewel-toned greens of the last few years, the toned-down olive green looks to be one of the top colours of the year for 2022. Green is a colour connected to growth and new beginnings and that’s the energy we’re welcoming after the last few years of pandemic.  

Olive green in particular can create a relaxing, fresh space that provides a feeling of bohemian luxury. Its pared-back tones echo an earthier, natural state of calm. 

An easy way to use olive green is by adding it into your colour scheme in small parts. Especially in an otherwise neutral room, bring in hints of olive green in cushions, rugs and accent walls. 

You will find that with even a small touch of olive green, the room will immediately feel warmer, more earthy, and more intimate. 

Houseplants also complement this tone green in your home well, bringing echoes of a japanese garden inside the home. 

Image by @Hallie_and_Harrisons_House

Tonal red

Using red in the home can feel brave. It’s a show-stopping colour that has started to appear more and more in homes over the past year, often accompanied by its lighter-hued sister – pink.

The colour red is always a statement. However, it can also give your home a unique atmosphere and show styling prowess. 

Choosing where to paint red can be the first place to start – be mindful it’s an energising colour and therefore perhaps not best suited for restful environments. 

Using red in 2022 is all about playing around with different hues together. Using one or two tones of red – in the wall, furniture and styling can instantly elevate a room to new contemporary  interior heights. Play around with reds and pinks and or terracottas and wines to find your ideal match. For a monochromatic, immersive interior that can be the statement of a well-designed home.

Image by @OurLayeredHome.

The perfect white

White has always been popular in the world of interior design. After all, white can go with just about anything. Some interior designers have been trying to steer away from the neutral, minimal colour scheme that has dominated over the past few years and avoid white altogether. But it remains a staple. The ultimate blank canvas that adds luminosity and vibrance to any room. 

Brilliant white is the go-to of new home builds but paint specialists have moved on from this one-size-fits-all colour. And finding the perfect white paint seems to be a never-ending quest for many interior-design specialists. In 2022, just off-white seems to be the trending shade – a white that isn’t too blue, with just a touch of grey and a touch of creamy warmth to keep rooms from looking sterile.

Knowing the orientation of your room can be the key to unlocking which shade of off-white to choose.

As a general rule, in the northern hemisphere, north-facing rooms get less direct sunlight and more second-hand light which can be cool, grey and flat. So using a white with more creamy, warm tones can help counteract the colder light.
With other orientations, you can afford to be more flexible – just consider when you use the room most and maximise the light you crave. For example, if you use your east-facing rooms early in the morning and want something welcoming and bright, opt for a cooler-toned white here. 

If you’re looking to inject white into other areas of the interior, play around with tones. Adding cream-coloured shelves or seat tops to an otherwise cool-white room can add depth to a space. Our hairpins come in white but a range of other colours too. 

Sunny Yellow

When used correctly,  yellow can add a beautiful golden light to your home that no other colour can accomplish. And we all need a little more sunshine energy in 2022. 

If painting your walls this bright hue feels too much, adding accents of the colour can be just as mood-boosting. 

Our hairpin legs come in a range of colours, including yellow, for a pop of fun wherever you choose to style them.

You could also paint a door or a cabinet yellow while the rest of the room remains neutral. This will produce a bold and stimulating effect that will never leave your room uninteresting.


Playing with colour

If you plan on redoing your home soon, knowing all about the interior design trends in 2022 will stand you in good stead for the coming year. From learning how to use red in your home to balancing out the amount of white in a room, there are many things to consider when using certain colours in your home.

We choose to integrate colour into many of our products from wall hooks to our classic hairpin legs. But the secret’s in the styling – check out how others have styled our pieces on our Instagram and find your own homeware pieces here.
To learn more, contact us.

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