Our 5-Year Promise: Craftsmanship and Creativity Combined

At The Hairpin Leg Co., we're excited to be part of your DIY furniture journey. That's why every table leg, door knob, and piece of furniture hardware comes with a 5-Year Guarantee. Our products, crafted from solid steel and real wood, are designed to bring your creative vision to life with quality you can trust.

Designed for Durability, Made for Makers

Our hardware, engineered with precision and care, is the perfect foundation for your furniture projects. Remember, using products in their intended environment is crucial for maintaining the guarantee. Ensure any accidental chips or scratches are touched up with something suitable. In coastal areas, the salty air can speed up corrosion on painted steel items.

What We Cover

Our guarantee includes all manufacturing defects, offering you peace of mind as you design and create. We stand by our quality, ensuring that every component meets both your needs and our high standards.

Eco-Friendly, Customer-Centric

Choosing The Hairpin Leg Co. means supporting sustainability. Our eco-friendly approach ensures that your furniture projects contribute positively to your home and the planet.

Together in Creativity

We can't wait to see the unique pieces you'll create. Trust in our quality, unleash your creativity, and let's craft something incredible.

The Hairpin Leg Co.: Elevating Your DIY Furniture Projects.