Interior Design Trends 2022: What to Look Out For

Interior Design Trends 2022: What to Look Out For - The Hairpin Leg Co.

Are you looking for ways to renovate your home interior for the year 2022?  Do you wish to achieve a minimal design that's both relevant and timeless? If so, then get inspiration for the year ahead and learn all about interior design trends for 2022. 

Check out the cool additions you can make in your home this year. Invest in home decor that's stylish, yet practical and discover the next phase of the minimalist movement. 

See our in-depth guide below on what to look out for. We've compiled some of the hottest furniture trends for you to consider.

1. Space-Saving Additions

If there's one thing that we can't have enough of in modern interior design, it's space. The pandemic shined a new light on how important space is to today's homeowners. And secondly, how that space serves them day-to-day. It’s changed. 

As a result, many homeowners are gravitating towards an open-floor concept for their homes. They're creating multi-functional rooms (e.g. a bedroom and home office hybrid) and minimising the pieces of furniture in their layout. 

Interior design will continue to be re-thought in 2022. So much so, that we're anticipating increased demand for space-saving features such as:

  • Magnetic Wooden Knife Racks
  • Floating Shelves
  • Foldable Leisure Sofas
  • Compact Bookshelves
  • Floating Desks
  • Room Dividers

Each of these items can help owners and renters alike. They’re not permanent solutions but rather focus on making the home a flexible and changeable space, something it’s had to become during the pandemic. 

Our own magnetic wooden knife racks are designed with space-saving in mind. They are the re-invention of the knife block, that help increase the practicality and functionality of a kitchen and save space on the countertops. Place them on the backspace between your cabinetry or on the wall that oversees your go-to meal prep area in the kitchen.

2. Shelves Galore

In recent years, walls have been strictly home to paintings and blank space. But shelves are returning to our four walls. Specifically artfully-styled shelves that house artworks, memorabilia and other objects of importance. In fact, the practice of styling shelves has even made its way to trending on TikTok.

Our own range of shelf brackets are designed to be sturdy, minimal and easy to install. They are created from high-quality materials, are super simple to use, and give your creations a modern look.

3. Hairpin Desks

According to statistics, 47-per cent of people in the United Kingdom work from home at some point each year, so desk spaces have become the norm in every home. 

Hairpin desks are a staple style. 80 years on from their first use, they continue to be an attractive choice for those seeking classic minimalism in their office space.

We have several different ready-made hairpin tables and also stock the legs by themselves, complete with fixings, for those who already have a table top in mind.

It's the perfect answer to a functional desk or a table that can fit any layout.

4. It’s in the detail – hardware

After years of minimal design, the industry is focusing back on what it means to give personality through our interiors. This trend is likely driven by the move to social media interiors and people spending more time at home.

But when we’re not willing to part with minimalist interior design completely, still enjoying neutral colours and minimal fixtures, hardware is the hottest accessory.

Fittings that are unexpected and feature different forms and colours are giving a nod to the more playful side of interior design.

They are also the small details that people are spending on to achieve a perfectly-finished home look. 

Discover our range of hardware in different shapes, colours, and materials.


5. Wood Tops Over Everything

Bringing nature back into the home, unpainted wood is home staple once again beyond the floors.

From stools to kitchen tables and worktops, wooden tops are everywhere. And with better methods of maintaining and protecting the wood, they can last longer too.

If you're looking for a classic-looking table, we stock solid oak, black ash, or Formica plywood. We also have oak top stools. The oak we use is sourced responsibly sourced in the UK.

Invest in These Interior Design Trends in 2022

Looking for a bit more inspiration? Be sure to check out our inspiration page for more ideas that you can use in your new interior design renovations.

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