Buying Guide

Choosing the right size legs

We make legs in a variety of standard heights:

You can find more detailed information about what height legs will be best for you here.

Will the legs be strong enough?

How strong our legs are will depend on the height and the design that you choose. You can find a full breakdown of our weight loading guides for our different leg options here.

Choosing the right finish

Our metal table legs are made with mild steel. We offer a number of different finish options to suit your project:

  • Raw Steel - This is uncoated steel in its natural form, and will rust if left unfinished (indoors as well as out) We offer this option for people looking for a rusted industrial look and those wanting to apply their own finish to the legs.
  • Clear Coat - These legs have a clear powder coat layer over the steel to protect the legs from rusting, while maintaining the n atural colour of the steel.
  • Colour Powder Coats  We offer all of our legs in a black powder coat and the hairpins come in a variety of other colours too.
  • Electro-plated options  We currently offer hairpin legs electro-plated in Copper, Brass, Chrome and Zinc.
  • Outdoor finishes - Some of our finishes are suitable for use outdoors. You can find all of our outdoor grade leg options here.

You can find some detailed guides on choosing the right finish here.

Whats included?

All of our legs come with free wood screws and appropriate floor protectors.

How do I attach the legs, and what tools will I need?

With screws included, attaching our legs to your project should be very simple. We just recommend a few things:

  • A tape measure to get the positions of the legs in the right place
  • A pencil to mark the positions of the screw holes
  • A drill to predrill guide holes for the screws. We recommend a 2.5mm diameter guide hole for soft woods and a 3mm diameter guide hole for hard woods
  • A screwdriver to screw the legs in.

That should cover almost everything that you need to consider when choosing some of our legs. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch through our contact page here.