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5 Inspiring Copper Hairpin Legs Creations

5 Inspiring Copper Hairpin Legs Creations - The Hairpin Leg Co.

We like to think of copper as the social butterfly of interiors. With its warm vibe and soft lux, it mixes beautifully with many materials.

Wood, smoked glass, block colours, concrete, marble… it’s a match every time. This versatile metal enhances a range of schemes, from midcentury chic to contemporary luxury.

As always, we’ve been ogling over the stunning pieces you’ve been making with our pins. So to inspire your next DIY project, we thought we’d share five of our favourite copper hairpin legs creations.


1. Garden table and matching benches, by @aliceinscandiland

Copper hairpin garden bench

Surface: Scaffold boards

Hairpin legs: 3 rod, 28” (table), 2 rod, 16” (benches).

Our copper hairpin legs look right at home in Alice's sunny Cornish garden. Made with neat scaffolding planks, this table and bench combo helps create the perfect setting for summer evenings sipping Cornish cider.

To see how she made it, check out Alice’s blog: My beautiful copper hairpin garden table.

2. Printer's tray dressing table, by @loveallthingsquirky

Surface: Reclaimed printer’s tray

Hairpin legs: 3 rod, 28”.

Printer’s trays are an amazing way to create unique furniture. Nicola from Quirky Interiors has given her homemade dressing table a personal touch by filling the compartments with cherished trinkets – including a flower from her wedding cake, her husband's button and a family photo.  

Paired with copper hairpin legs, this creation fills the room with a warm, nostalgic vibe.

3. Upcycled drawers unit, by @elizabethdotdesign 

Copper hairpin legs furniture

Surface: Upcycled drawers, painted with @anniesloanehome

Hairpin legs: 2 rod, 14".

Along with gorgeous paintwork by Annie Sloan, copper hairpin legs give this set of drawers a standout makeover. This amazing piece was deservedly featured on Design Milk, coveted for its vibrant patterns and splashes of colour.

Check out @elizabethdotdesign's Instagram for more of her beautiful midcentury revamps. 

4. Console table IKEA hack, by @thecrazykitchen

IKEA EKBY ALEX Shelf with drawers

Surface: IKEA Ekby Alex Shelf with drawers

Hairpin legs: 3 rod, 28".

Pairing hairpin legs and IKEA furniture is a popular hack, and for good reason. Joining simple Scandinavian pieces with hairpins is an exceptionally easy way to create unique, standout furniture. Helen from The Crazy Kitchen has repurposed this Ekby Alex IKEA Shelf with drawers to create this copper-pinned console table.

More on how it was made in Helen’s blog: IKEA Ekby Alex Console Table Hack

5. Quick and easy DIY BBQ table, by @barnyf

Copper hairpin legs table

Surface: Old scaffold boards.

Hairpin legs: 3 rod, 28".

Barny’s Instagram caption says it all: “Impending BBQ + No garden furniture = Nice little day project.”

A perfect example of the ease and speed with which you can rustle up a lovely, functional piece of furniture, using minimal materials.


If you'd like any advice on creating your own copper hairpin legs creations – from what size legs would work best, to how to fit them – you're always welcome to get in touch with us

And for even more DIY inspo, our Instagram is regularly updated will all our favourite hairpin leg creations. 

Adam & Tom


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