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Shiny and new: Industrial table legs

Shiny and new: Industrial table legs - The Hairpin Leg Co.

Like pirates fresh from a shopping splurge at ‘Prosthetics-AAARR-Us’, we’ve got new legs!

Say hello to our new industrial table legs, available in three classic designs: Trapezium, Square and A-frame.

To help inspire your next project, check out this creation from Olivia Riddle @pivriddle. She paired Trapezium legs with beech timber to make this beautiful table and bench set.

Industrial table and bench

Where’s the wood from?

Olivia's beech came from Timberyard – a South London-based trio of woodworkers who produce sustainable hardwoods from city trees. They mill and dry the wood themselves, and supply it to their fellow joiners, furniture makers and craft workers.

If you need wood, we can’t recommend these guys enough. All their timber is locally grown and modestly priced. They’ll tell you the exact provenance of your timber – where the tree was grown, its estimated age, and when it was milled and felled.

Here’s a picture they sent Olivia of the beech boule she used to make her furniture. The timber boards are stacked for seasoning in the order they came off the log.

Beech boule Timberyard 

One of the bench tops was spalted. Although this is technically a fungus, it’s a big bonus. It leaves beautiful black inky lines in the wood, for extra detail and character.

Spalted beech

What’s the best way to treat the wood?

To protect the wood and keep it in good condition, Olivia sealed it with Morrells Danish Oil. It smells good, it’s food-safe, and it’s free from nasty artificial oils that make Mother Nature weep.

To apply, you just rub it on with an old rag. 

How do you fit the industrial legs?

Olivia used threaded wood inserts to attach the legs, but you can use wood screws if preferred.

Industrial table legs

The bolts she used are M6 25mm hex heads, with washers. 

Are the legs available in other colours?

Our Industrial table legs are available in three finishes: Raw steel, clear coat or black. 

Olivia used black legs for a slick, high-contrast look.

Clear coat creates a clean metallic vibe. Raw steel gives a rustic, industrial feel.

If you’d like to share your industrial table legs creations, email us or tag #thehairpinlegco. We’re looking forward to seeing what you make!


A-frame Adam and Trapezium Tom

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