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Hairpin legs make it easy to create your own distinctive furniture – from desks, to stools, to dining tables. To help you get the right ones for your project, we’ve put together this handy (well…leggy) hairpin leg guide.

You can use it to make sure you get your project just right – whatever you're making.

Pick your legs

Low cabinets/Planters/Pet beds

Hairpin leg furniture

Planter: @thehairpinlegco Cabinets: @elizabethdotdesign Dog bed: @huskandbark

Legs Prongs Steel diameter Max weight
4 inch 2 10mm 250kg

Our little 4 inch legs are perfect for propping up low furniture. They may be small, but they're strong enough to support very heavy loads.

Raised sofas/Record cabinets

Hairpin legs sofaHairpin legs low cabinet

Sofa: @thehairpinlegco Record cabinet: @villagegreenretro

Legs Prongs Steel diameter Max weight
8 inch 2 10mm 250kg

8 inch legs are great for wide, heavy furniture. The extra space they free up underneath helps create a lighter, more elegant look.  

Drawers/Cabinets/Media stands

Elizabeth Dot Design

Media stands: @elizabethdotdesign

Legs Prongs Steel diameter Max weight
8-12 inch 2 10mm


14 inch 2 or 3 10mm  250kg

Most storage units sit around 8-10 inches above the ground, although the exact size depends on how high you want the top surface to be. These fab retro media stands by @elizabethdotdesign are made with our 12 inch legs. 


Retro furniture

Sideboards: @elizabethdotdesign

Legs Prongs Steel diameter Max weight
10-12 inch 2 10mm


14 inch 2 or 3 10mm  250kg

Sideboards come in many styles, including the popular G plan unit. The ideal height for the top surface to sit above the floor is 60-80cm, which you can achieve with 10mm legs. 

Coffee tables/Side tables

Hairpin leg coffee tables

Barcelona tiles coffee table: @cedricworld Bedside table: @harveycoxell Pallet coffee table: @woodandbroomedesign

Legs Prongs Steel diameter Max weight
10-12 inch 2 10mm


14 inch 2 or 3 10mm  250kg

Your coffee or side table's height is down to personal preference. Measure the height of your sofa or bed to make sure you get the right match.


Hairpin leg stools

Upholstered stool: @carolyn_atherton Furry stool: @nad_eden 

Legs Prongs Steel diameter Max weight
14 inch 2 or 3 10mm


16 inch 10mm  140kg
2 12mm 250kg
3 10mm 250kg+
3 12mm 250kg+

Most stools and footrests sit at 16 inches. 2 prong, 10mm will hold up to 140kg, which is more than enough for most stool tops and uses.


Hairpin leg benches

Outdoor pallet benches: @andy1maclellan Scandi dining set: @creeddesignco

Legs Prongs Steel diameter Max weight People
16 inch 10mm  140kg  Up to 2 
2 12mm 250kg Up to 3
3 10mm 250kg+ Up to 5
3 12mm 250kg+ Up to 6

Whether you make a single-seater bench, or a much larger one, use the above guide to make sure you'll have the right amount of support.

Console tables/Dressing tables

Hairpin leg tables

Concrete console: @sash.cow Pallet dresser: @xb_design Trinket console: @loveallthingsquirky 

Legs Prongs Steel diameter Max weight
28 inch 10mm  15kg
2 12mm 25kg
3 10mm 60kg
3 12mm 120kg

As demonstrated above, console and dressing tables can be made with a wide range of materials – from pallet wood, to printer's trays, to concrete. Use our guide to determine which legs will best suit your chosen surface's weight.

Desks and dining tables

Hairpin leg dining tablesHairpin leg desk

Dining table with Eames-style chairs: @chez_claire Dining table with black chairs: @wohn_gern Pastel desk: @littlebigbell

Legs Prongs Steel diameter Max weight
28 inch 10mm  15kg
2 12mm 25kg
3 10mm 60kg
3 12mm 120kg

Table and desk tops tend to be heavy, so we'd recommend using 3 prong legs to make sure you've got sufficient support. 10mm is fine for a surface weighing up to 60kg, but if it's any heavier, opt for 12mm.



Counter top: @pinkscharming

Legs Prongs Steel diameter Max weight
34 inch 3 10mm


3 12mm  100kg

3 prong legs will give you enough support for everyday tasks at your countertop – like working, eating and drinking. We recommend the 12mm legs, in case you ever want to place heavy items on top of the counter. 

Bars and poseurs

Hairpin leg tables

Bar and poseur: @thehairpinlegco

Legs Prongs Steel diameter Max weight
40 inch 3 12mm


Tall hairpin legs can transform a simple wooden surface into a unique home bar. Our 40 inch pins support up to 80kg freestanding, but more if you fix the table to a wall or static fixing.

Pick your colour

Now you can enjoy the fun bit. Our legs are available in a selection of finishes – from rustic raw steel, to copper, to duck egg blue. 

Hairpin leg colours

All our legs comes with free colour-matched protection feet to protect your floors. More on those here

If you have any questions, or you’d like any more advice on which hairpin legs would suit your project, feel free to get in touch.

As always, we can’t wait to see what you make! Tag #thehairpinlegco on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we'll proudly feature your work.  

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