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5 inspiring wooden tables with hairpin legs

5 inspiring wooden tables with hairpin legs - The Hairpin Leg Co.

We love a good slab of wood. Its asymmetries, knots and ripples bring unique character to your home. Not to mention natural warmth, beauty... and a good story.

If you’d like to make your own wooden furniture, there are hundreds of types of wood you can use – from pine, to cherry, to walnut

Better still, there are hundreds of ways you can use it – whether you want a simple pallet wood coffee table, or an elegant oak dining table.

Got your chisel ready? We’ve gathered a selection of five wooden hairpin leg tables to inspire your next project.

1. Olive Ash Coffee Table with black hairpin legs, by @depthdesignltd

Olive Ash Coffee TableWood table with hairpin legs

Black hairpin legs: 2 rod, 14" 

Not your bog-standard coffee table! This live-edge wood slab has been carefully sanded and oiled for a beautiful finish. It's fitted with a set of minimal hairpin legs. They give the wood a floating effect, without distracting from its natural character. 

2. Cypress Side Tables with white hairpin legs, by @wingitwoodworking

Cypress wood side tables with hairpin legs

White hairpin legs: 2 rod, 16"

These lovely little wood rounds make charmingly rustic side tables. Paired with white hairpins, they have a minimal, Scandinavian look. We love the inventive floor protectors, fashioned from a leather cord and wrapped around the feet of the hairpin legs.

Hairpin leg floor protectors

3. Herringbone garden table with steel hairpin legs, by @gcoplandpowell

Herringbone garden table with hairpin legs

Clear-coat hairpin legs: 2 rod, 16"

Birch-ply offcuts are meticulously arranged here, to create a unique herringbone pattern. Paired with clear coat hairpin legs and finished with clear lacquer, the result is a hard-wearing wooden garden table. 

Check out the same effect on Gary's dining table, made with our Box Section industrial table legs:

Box section industrial table legsBox section industrial table legs

4. Reclaimed wood dinette table, by @roewooddesign

Reclaimed wood table with hairpin legs

Black hairpin legs: 3 rod, 16"

This one-of-a-kind dinette table is made with reclaimed wood. The wood is taken from an 19th-century Leicester mansion – which is a pretty good dinner party conversation-starter! 

5. Walnut slab coffee table with copper hairpin legs, by @brackishbuilt

Walnut table with copper hairpin legs

Copper hairpin legs: 2 rod, 14"

Every slab is unique. The flying-V effect on this walnut table gives it a distinctive shape and character. Tastefully paired with copper, for classic elegance. 


If you have any questions about making your own wooden table with hairpin legs, feel free to get in touch or leave a comment below.

Thanks to all those who sent us your woodwork projects. As always, we love seeing the stunning work you do.

For more hairpin legs inspiration, check out our Instagram feed. It's regularly updated with all our favourite projects. 

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