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5 quick hairpin leg projects you can make (in under an hour)

5 quick hairpin leg projects you can make (in under an hour) - The Hairpin Leg Co.

Fancy a DIY challenge?

This is your chance to make a lasting, budget-friendly piece of furniture for your home, using hairpin legs.

If you're up for it, here are five quick, easy DIYs with to inspire you.

Each one is low-maintenance, requiring little more than a set of hairpin legs and your chosen table top.

1. Log slice wood stool, by @lisousisa

Live edge wood stool with hairpin legs

Wood stool with hairpin legs


Simple and rustic, log slice tables are an easy way to bring natural elements into your home. They make a great stands for plants or books, and fit in particularly well with bohemian interiors. 

All you need to create one of these beauties is a wood round (available from your local timber merchant), and a set of hairpin legs. 

2, Crate side table IKEA hack, by @madeupstyle

Cube table with hairpin legs


IKEA furniture and hairpin legs are a winning match. With their mutual minimalism, they're ridiculously easy to combine and customise. 

This personalised record player stand started out as a simple pine IKEA Knagglig box. It's been painted with Anthracite furniture paint from Rustoleum, contrasted with shiny copper hairpin legs. 

If you'd like to make one (using whatever colour legs or paint you like), follow this guide.

And for more cool IKEA creations, check out these 5 easy hairpin hacks

3. Faux fur stool with gold-sprayed hairpin legs, by @madeupstyle

Fluffy sheepskin stool with hairpin legs


Want to try something a little more... fluffy?

It couldn't be easier to make your own fleecy stool – perfect as a comfy dressing table chair, or lounge footrest. 

Watch this quick video guide by @madeupstyle to see how she did it. 

4. Live edge wooden coffee table by @lovemuju

Wooden coffee table with hairpin legs


Found a piece of wood you love? Hairpin legs can transform it into a functional coffee table in a matter of minutes. 

Hairpins' simple form works well with live-edge wood, because it doesn't distract from the striking detail of the wood and grain. 

If you'd like to make one, but haven't found a table top yet, your local timber merchant should be able to help you out. 

5. Antique drinks cabinet by @tara_birkett

Upcycling with red hairpin legs


If you're lucky enough to stumble upon an in-tact piece of vintage furniture, a quick spruce up and a set of hairpins could be all it takes to give it new life. 

Red hairpin legs give this cute, retro mini bar a merry lift (much like the drinks inside it).


Hope you're feeling inspired :-) 

If you decide to make one, our legs come with screws, and a guide to show you where – and how – to fit them. (They also come with floor protectors, so keep your floors scratch-free.)  

If you'd like any advice on creating your own furniture with hairpin legs – from what size/colour would work best, to how to fit them – you're welcome to ask us by commenting below, or get in touch via our website.

We also have a dedicated Support Site, which should be able to answer most of your hairpin questions. 

And for even more DIY inspiration, our Instagram is regularly updated with all our favourite hairpin leg creations. 


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