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Stylish hairpin leg furniture for dogs

Stylish hairpin leg furniture for dogs - The Hairpin Leg Co.

Stylish, mid-century furniture isn’t just for us sapiens. Dogs deserve better than a mangy basket in the corner of the room, or a chipped bowl on the floor – right?

Luckily for your canine companion, it’s easy to build them a practical, purpose-built gift with hairpin legs. 

Just like dogs, they come in different shapes and sizes. So whether you’re making furniture for a petite pug, or a leggy great dane, you can get the height just right.

We’ve sniffed out a sweet selection of DIY dog-centric creations to inspire you. Some are practical, some are a little extra. We’ll let you decide how far you take it! 

1. Cherokee-style raised dog feeder, by @rescuedwoodworks608

Raised dog feeder with hairpin legsRaised dog feeder reclaimed wood

Black hairpin legs: 2 rod, 8 inch

This cherokee-style raised dog feeder is made from a solid beam of reclaimed barn wood. 

When it's maker rescued two doodles, he decided that he wanted to make them their own feeders, leashes and collars – to show them how special they were. Continuing his good deeds, he sourced local rescued wood. 

"Funny thing is that while I thought I was doing all the rescuing... turns out these dogs and my passion for making are rescuing me!" – Rescued Woodworks

2. Reclaimed wood raised dog beds, by @huskandbark

Reclaimed wood dog bedDog in raised dog bed

Clear coat hairpin legs: 2 rod, 4 inch

Here's another example of reusing materials to make standout four-legged furniture. 

Husk & Bark make all their pet beds with sustainable materials, with a focus on minimal design and minimal waste. Even the wood filler is made from collected sawdust.

These raised dog beds are perfect to fill with old blankets and comforters, to give active dogs a good night's rest.

See more from Husk & Bark

3. "Dog Tower 9" indoor dog house, by @pijuandesignworkshop

Indoor dog house with hairpin legs

Dog furniture

Clear coat hairpin legs: 2 rod, 8 inch

See what we meant by 'extra'?

"Dog Tower 9" is built for pups who live the life of luxury. Forget the garden kennel – this indoor retreat is part dog house, part side table, and 100% style.  

Complete with hairpin legs, it fits in perfectly with midcentury modern decor.

See more luxury dog houses from Pijuan Design Workshop

4. DIY mid-century dog bed, by @apairandaspare

Midcentury style dog bed

Black hairpin legs: 2 rod, 10 inch

This midcentury dog bed was custom designed for Ollie – a rescue terrier who quickly outgrew his first bed. 

His owners upgraded him to his very own luxury midcentury dog bed, simply made with painted-white plywood and hairpin legs.

To make your own, follow this step-by-step guide from A Pair & A Spare.

5. DIY raised 60s-style dog bowl stand, by @danslelakehouse

60s dog bowl standDIY raised dog bowl stand

Clear coat hairpin legs: 2 rod, 12 inch

Does your dog have to stoop down to eat their food every day? This retro-style raised feeder is the perfect way to help out taller dogs, and make it easier for them to reach their grub. 

Available in different heights and colours, hairpin legs give you the freedom to customise your dog feeder however you like. 

Follow this guide from Dans Le Lakehouse to make your own. 

(Please note: The hairpin legs used for this project were not made by us. However, the legs we've suggested above will serve you perfectly if you want to make a feeder at this height.)


If these projects have got you thinking, you might be ready to pick your hairpin legs. We have a selection of 13 colours (including metallics) and 9 sizes, to suit any puppito.

If you need any support along the way, please feel free to get in touch. We’re more than happy to help.

And when you’re done, we’d love to share your happy pup's new furniture with our Instagram followers. Tag us at #thehairpinlegco

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