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If you like modern furniture but feel it's a little too cold and unlivable for your home, you're probably a fan of mid-century-modern styles. Mid-century- modern or MCM has the flow and negative space that modern furniture has, but blends into other aesthetics better than modern furniture.

And when it comes to chairs, tables, or stool legs, hairpin legs are the quintessential part of any mid-century-modern-inspired home. They come in all forms: wooden, single-leg, double-leg, triple-leg, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Our selection of hairpin leg furniture (and plain legs) will allow you to bring a bit of the 1950s into your home, without the piece looking out-of-place. Our range of materials, styles, and colors allows our pieces to look at home in any room, and to prove it, we're giving you examples below.

1. Foyer Table

Everyone has that one place in their home where they throw the keys, the post, their jacket, the dog's lead, and the other things you want to put down right when you get home. And if you have a designated foyer, then you likely have a table there for this purpose.

But foyers are not meant for storage and it's hard to find the right piece that is functional and fashionable for space. We think that a long, skinny entry table with hairpin legs is the perfect solution. They give you enough room to put the essentials on top, perhaps hang some keys or leads from the side, and have a bin for the post without looking cluttered.

Their small profile will fit well in the space, but welcome guests to your home with style and show off your decor taste the minute they entire your space. Right now, slabs of natural wood, with the natural knots and lines highlighted are trending in entryway tables and we love the stark statement black hairpin legs make with the natural wood.

2. Coffee Tables

Another thing we love about hairpin legs is that they can be added to any pre-existing furniture in any style, to give it a design upgrade. Found something on the Facebook marketplace that you like the bones of but want to change up?

Saw off the legs and add your own hairpin ones to it - along with a quick coat of paint. Even the most novice DIY-er can figure out this project since we sent along with instructions and hardware with your product when you order.

Don't want to make something? You can find our pre-made coffee table options here.

3. A Record-Player Table

While this may be a little specific, we love the look of a vintage record player on a custom-fit table with hairpin legs. There's just something about the modern-chic legs and the vintage ideology of the record player (you can get them on Amazon now and use them as Bluetooth devices as well).

Don't want to do the work of finding a table the right height and size? This geometric-leg stool will fit nicely next to a couch and have the same aesthetic as the table suggested above! Plus, move the record player you have extra seating if you need it!

4. Couches

If you go to any of the major furniture retail sites, it's hard to miss their options with hairpin-inspired legs. However, these items aren't made by hairpin leg experts and may not have the support built in that hairpin legs require (support on the bottom, middle of the couch).

Our prices are so reasonable that you can buy a couch and replace its existing legs with ours, to make sure it's exactly what you want, without sacrificing integral support. We do recommend getting an extra leg for the middle of the couch so that it doesn't sag over time.

5. Dining Room Benches

If you have a modern table and don't love the clunky look of traditional chairs, then consider hairpin-leg benches as a solution. Not only can you fit more people on them, but they can double as a coffee table if you don't usually have people over.

They also scoot under your table, to save you space in those tight city flats. They're easy to wipe clean and you can see all the customization options for our premade dining benches here.

And if you're in the market for a whole new dining set, you can't go wrong with a matching hairpin leg and hairpin table duo. Then you've nailed the symmetry of the room without even trying.

6. Desks

Are you someone who feels like the underside of desks are too restrictive? Hate how bulky desks feel and look in multi-use spaces? Well, hairpin legs fix both of those issues. Not only do they give your legs lots of room for activities, but they lighten the visual footprint of having a desk in your living or bedroom.

If you're young and don't need the ergonomic support of a desk chair, then pairing our geometric stool as seating for your desk will finish off the spot nicely. Add a hanging plant above and some modern accessories and you have the perfect spot for homework!

Want to make something extra special? We sell customizable table tops you can use as a desktop too! 

Adding Hairpin Legs in Your Home

All you need to install our hairpin legs is a drill, the hardware we provide, and a surface that is sturdy enough to support what you're using it for. If you have questions about the installation you can always email our team after purchasing.

IF you're someone who loves to put a personal touch on things then you can find our customizable leg options here. Want it done for you? Don't worry, we have premade options for both tables, desks, and seatingfor you to shop. 

We can't wait to see our products styled in your home - be sure to tag us in pics and shop our products using the links above.