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6 Ways to Style Hairpin Legs in Your Home

6 Ways to Style Hairpin Legs in Your Home - The Hairpin Leg Co.

Like modern furniture but not sure how to style it in your home? Mid-century modern interior pieces (or MCM) combine the flow and negative space of a modern aesthetic, but are even easier to blend into other styles.

Derivative of 1950s interior trends, our hairpin legs are indicative of these mid-century tastes - stylish enough to make an impact, yet simple enough not to dominate.

With a range of forms, materials and colours to choose from, it’s easy to bring the hairpin leg into your home, and we’ve collated some examples just for you.

Hairpin Leg Co

Gorgeous entrance-way table by @homeforwillow

1. The Foyer Table

Every home has that one place to throw the keys, post, dog’s lead; the little things you put down once you’re through the door. Even if you don’t have a designated foyer, you may want to consider making space in your front hall for this purpose, while retaining a degree of style.

We think a long, narrow entry table with hairpin legs would make the perfect fit. Our Contemporary Hairpin Tables provide enough room on top to place your essentials and a few decorative pieces without looking too cluttered. 

You’ll find natural wood, with the natural knots and lines highlighted, trending right now complete with black hairpin legs for a stark, statement piece to welcome your guests. Other hairpin leg colours are available too.

Hairpin Leg Table

Lovely hairpin coffee table in the @cupcakejemma home

2. The Coffee Table

Another piece of furniture that never goes out of style is the coffee table. An all-season piece, this low-lying feature has become the heart of the modern home, providing not only a surface to place drinks, nibbles and books, but somewhere to chat with friends and relax.

For extra ease, shop our pre-made Hairpin Coffee Tables here, complete with a plywood top for the ultimate Scandinavian feel. Choose from a white or grey topper, and any hairpin leg colour of your choice.

Prism Stool

It’s easy to imagine a record player on this

3. The Record-Player Table

Nothing pleases us more than the look of a vintage record player on a custom-fit table with hairpin legs. There's just something about the modern-chic legs and the vintage ideology of the record player (they even come with Bluetooth pairing now as well).

While our Ash, White and Grey Hairpin Tables would be ideal, with room to stack your record collection underneath, we also suggest checking out the geometric Prism Stool (not technically hairpin, but we’re going with it). This might be a less imposing option for those with less space to work with, fitting nicely next to the couch. Plus, when you move the record player you’ll have extra seating if you need it!

Hairpin Leg Furniture Feet

The talented @the_chapel_conversion showing off our furniture feet

4. The Couch

If you go to any of the major furniture retail sites, it's hard to miss their options with hairpin-inspired legs. However, these items aren't made by hairpin leg experts and may not have the support built in that hairpin legs require to hold a couch (support on the bottom and middle).

Our prices are so reasonable that you can buy a couch and replace its existing legs with ours, to make sure it's exactly what you want, without sacrificing integral support. We do also recommend getting an extra leg for the middle of the couch so that it doesn't sag over time.

Hairpin Leg Bench

Our table bench finding its uses at @RaineysResidence

5. The Dining Room Bench

If you have a modern table and don't love the clunky look of traditional chairs, then consider Hairpin Benches as a solution. Not only can you fit more people on them, but they are easy to wipe clean and can double as a coffee table when you’re not entertaining. They also scoot under your table, to save you space in those tight city flats.

And if you're in the market for a whole new dining set, you can't go wrong with a matching hairpin leg and table duo. Nail the symmetry of the room without even trying.

Hairpin Leg Desk

Wonderful desk set up by @jared.makes.things

6. The Desk

Are you someone who feels like the underside of desks are too restrictive? Hate how bulky desks feel and look in multi-use spaces? Well, a Hairpin Desk fixes both of those issues. Not only do they give your legs lots of room for activities, but they lighten the visual footprint of having a desk in your space.

If you don't need the ergonomic support of a desk chair, then pairing our Nord Stool as seating for your desk will finish off the spot nicely. Add a hanging plant above and some modern accessories and you have the perfect spot to get to work.

Hairpin Leg Bespoke Breakfast Bar

A bespoke breakfast bar in the @pinkscharming abode

And remember, you can always make your own...

For an even more bespoke spin on the furniture we’ve suggested, you can always buy your Hairpin Legs separately and get to work.

From adapting pre-existing furniture or transforming a reclaimed slab of wood into a table, stool or bench, there’s endless ways to make hairpin legs work in your home and we have a wide range of styles to choose from. Have a browse on Facebook marketplace, a dig in the back of your garage or keep your eyes peeled around your neighbourhood for material that would fit the bill.

We also sell Table Tops if you want to get bespoke without the hassle. All our hairpin legs come with feet protectors, screws and a build guide, and if you’re going DIY, or have any other questions, we are always available for a chat!


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