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Home Decoration Tips That Will Make Your House More Welcoming

Home Decoration Tips That Will Make Your House More Welcoming - The Hairpin Leg Co.

Did you know the UK home furnishing market is expected to reach a value of $2.9 billion in the coming year? People are willing to spend a lot of money on making their home looks beautiful. But when the time comes to part with your cash, do you know how to get the best from your purchases?

Transforming your home is not just about painting and changing furniture. Read on as we discuss our expert tips for home decoration. 

1. Give Love to Your Entrance

Many people concentrate on the inside of their home to make a great impression. However, one of the first real views people get of the home is the front door. By giving it some love and attention, you can make the house much more welcoming. 

Start by getting rid of any damaged doors, faded mats and lacklustre letterboxes. Replace it with a heavy security door to increase safety. These are available in a range of designs. 

After this, choose a colour such as a dashing green or bright red. If you pick right, it should fit into a colour scheme with the rest of the exterior, such as the roof and sidings. 

2. Know Your Style

Before you start on the inside of the home, it pays to know your own style. It can be easy to look through the web and see hundreds of decorating ideas you love. Put them together and you will have a mish-mash of styles.

Decide upon the look you are hoping to achieve. Do you have a modern or contemporary feel to your home? Or is it a shabby chic, farmhouse appearance? 

Once you know the look you have or the look you want, do some research. See what the hallmarks of that style are, and what types of pieces fit with it. 

3. Find Unique Vintage Furniture

Home decor, for many people, involves shopping at the same large furniture stores. Many are well priced, convenient and offer good products. The only problem is that your house then starts to look the same as everyone else's. 

A way around this is to pick out a few, unique pieces of vintage furniture. You don't have to spend the earth, and you don't need to fill the house with them. But by adding it to the mainstream items you have, you create interest and add a talking point. 

Look at auction houses and estate sales. Some second-hand furniture stores may also have unique pieces, though they are often higher priced than the former examples. 

4. Maximize Natural Light

When bringing in new home decor, always aim to maximize natural light. It can make a house look fresh, airy and make rooms look bigger than they actually are. One of the best home decor ideas is to replace large, heavy drapes with lighter materials and open blinds.

In the room itself, make sure the path to the window is not obscured by your home decor ideas. For example, when you stand at any door, you should have a clear view of the window unobstructed by any tall chairs, lamps, and other items. 

In small spaces, or areas light do not reach, use a mirror. This can bounce the natural light in the directions you want, giving the illusion of more space. 

5. Build Around the Biggest Piece

One of the best home decor ideas to keep a cohesive theme is to focus on your biggest piece of furniture. This is always the focal point in a room, and as such, sets the tone. 

For example, if you are in a sitting room and you have a large, country-style sofa, then work outward from that. Other furniture and fittings should all keep with the look, complementing the design. 

If you are on a budget, then keep in mind that the biggest items are the focal points. If they look cheap, then the rest of the room will as well. It may be worth allocating a larger part of your budget to this and using DIY home decor ideas on the rest of the smaller items in the room. 

6. Define Areas Using Rugs

Getting rug sizes right is important. If you have a rug that is too small, with furniture dwarfing the floor covering, furniture will look out of proportion. When in doubt, always go for floor coverings that are bigger than you think you need. 

In a living room, make sure that all of the legs from your sofa and coffee table are on the rug. It is fine if the back of the sofa hangs over a little, but you are trying to use the rug to square off an area. If you can't find a rug big enough, try to layer lots of smaller rugs to create an unorthodox but inviting space. 

7. Declutter

Bringing in new home decor ideas is important to spruce up your home. However, what is just as important is getting old decor out. The longer you are in the home, the less you see all the items you accumulate, and that is what makes a home look messy. 

Start by going through every room. If any items are not being used, then send them to a charity shop or collect them for a second-hand sale. Once the whole home is decluttered, see what storage can be added to rooms to tuck away the remaining items. 

Plan Your Home Decoration

In summary, home decoration needs to be planned. Pick your style, set a budget, then declutter the home. After this, you can work with a fresh slate, building on what you already have or starting again. 

When looking for home decor ideas, make the Hairpin Legs Company your first stop. We have a range of legs and shelf brackets to transform your room and furniture. Click here to see our range of ready-made tables, desks, and seating. 

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