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Hold up: Our midcentury shelf brackets are here

Hold up: Our midcentury shelf brackets are here - The Hairpin Leg Co.

There’s more to us than nice legs.   

After months of careful design, we’ve found exciting new ways to hold up planks of wood.

With two stylish designs to choose from, we’re very excited to finally introduce you to our new midcentury shelf brackets.

The Prism Shelf Bracket

Steel shelf bracketsPrism shelf bracket

Mirroring Henry Glass’ minimal aesthetic, our Prism Shelf brackets will look great with your hairpin leg furniture.

Despite their slim form, they're strong enough to support heavy ornaments. So don’t be afraid to stack them with books, plants and/or freaky china dolls.

Freaky china doll

Whatever floats your boat.

The Suspense Shelf Bracket

Suspense Shelf Bracket

Sleek, clean and minimal. But still supportive of your disturbing doll collection.

Inspired by Danish designer Poul Cadovius’ iconic Royal System™ units, our Suspense Shelf brackets beautifully compliment midcentury décor.

Steel suspense shelf bracket

Subtle, but standout, they suspend the shelf to create an industrial look. And if you’re a fan of upcycling, they look amazing paired with old scaffold planks, oak floorboards or plywood.

Both designs are available in bare steel or black satin, available now through our website.  

Go on. Treat your shelf. (Sorry…)

Adam and Tom

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