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Make a hairpin leg table: What you can use

Make a hairpin leg table: What you can use - The Hairpin Leg Co.

Recently, a number of you have asked us what you can use to make a hairpin leg table.

The answer is… pretty much anything.

Floorboards. Surfboards. Tree rounds. Pallets. Wine crates. Doors. Chopping boards. Suitcases. Driftwood. Slabs. Stone. Concrete. Old kitchen worktops.

You name it, you can probably make a hairpin leg table out of it.

Here are five great examples from our talented Instagram followers, to demonstrate the many ways you can make your own.

1. Natural slabs

Chestnut slab hairpin leg table

Natural slabs of wood look beautiful on hairpin legs, as proved by this creation from @olliehaskins – made with a chestnut slab from St. Albans Wood Recycling

Whether you use walnut, oak, beech, mahogany – or any kind of wood, really – this is a great way to bring nature into your home, without going fully Snow White

Things to consider

You’ll probably need to treat the wood's surface, by sanding or varnishing. For guidance, here’s one we made earlier.

Where to source

Sawmills, timber yards, wood recycling centres, or online.

2. Marble

Marble hairpin leg table

If stone is your element, marble gives your home an attractive, sophisticated touch.

The piece above began as a second-hand marble coffee table. Karen from @beautifulhomesinthenorth removed its original gaudy brass base, and revamped it with our black hairpin legs.

For a classic showstopper, try a marble surface paired with copper hairpin legs.

And, if you're wondering how to attach hairpin legs to a marble table, here's a great guide from Sugar & Cloth.

Things to consider

Fresh marble can be expensive, so you’ll probably want to source it second-hand. It can also be very heavy, so we recommend you use 3 rod hairpin legs.

Where to source

Old kitchen work surfaces, old tables, antique shops, online.

3. Concrete

Concrete hairpin leg table

Concrete surfaces, like this beauty by @krystinah_mn, are perfect for creating a durable, scratch-resistant table.

Pair with zinc or raw steel legs, for a chic, industrial aesthetic. Or with coloured legs, for added funk. 

Things to consider

Like marble, concrete can be very heavy. Again, we suggest you use 3 rod legs.

Also, you can't really buy concrete slabs. So unless you can convince someone to make one for you, this will involve a little extra DIY. 

Where to source

You can buy concrete mix from a builder's merchant or good DIY shop, like B&Q. Once you've done that, here's how to make your own.

4. Pallet wood

Pallet wood hairpin leg table

Whether you want to make a table, desk, planter, or whatever, a DIY pallet wood project is easy and inexpensive.

This pallet wood dresser, by hobbyist furniture maker @xb_design, looks great on black, 2 rod hairpin legs

Things to consider

The quality of pallet wood can vary. Make sure that it's in good enough condition for your project, and that you're using the right sized screws to avoid damaging the wood.

We include free wood screws with every order, which are suitable for good-condition, solid wood, thicker than 18mm. 

For thinner tops, down to around 10mm, use threaded wood inserts. 

Where to source

Wood recycling centres, rubbish tips, skips, building sites... etc. Happy foraging!

5. Repurposed items

Typesetter tray hairpin leg tableSuitcase hairpin leg tableCable drum hairpin leg table

So many options, so many opportunities to make a table that's completely unique to you.

Here are just a few examples from our followers to get the ol' Inspiration River flowing – including a salvaged typesetter tray by @caroline.sprott, old suitcase by @jessiesian and upcycled cable drum by @tinkers_treasures.

Things to consider

Whatever you use, make sure you use the right legs for the job. Scroll down to our page's FAQs to confirm which hairpin legs will best suit your project.

Where to source


Good luck with your hairpin leg table!

We hope this has inspired you to make your own amazing hairpin leg table. For more great ideas, check out what our followers have been making recently via our Instagram

And if you have any questions about your project, or advice for your fellow makers, feel free to comment below.  

Leggy love,

A-dam Goodtable and Two-rod Tom

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