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New hairpin leg colours now live

New hairpin leg colours now live - The Hairpin Leg Co.

Like a polaroid-loving hipster with a rainbow of chinos, we style our legs in a selection of colours.

We now have three new metallic finishes for you to choose from – including copper, zinc and chrome

Copper hairpin legs

Copper hairpin legs

2016 was all about copper. Copper furniture, copper kitchenware, copper soap holders...etc.

If you listen to many a trend-predictor, they'll tell you it's on its way out... 

Naaaaahhhhh. Copper will always be in style. It's awesome. 

Its warm glow is perfect for creating attractive, standout pieces. Paired with natural materials – like wood or marble – copper gives you a catchy contrast between raw and polished. 

Or, for a more classic look, copper and white work beautifully together on a bar stool or side table.

Zinc hairpin legs

Zinc hairpin legs

If you're looking for a lighter, more modern alternative to steel, zinc is where it's at. It matches beautifully with stainless steel surfaces, for a bright, clean look.

It's also highly durable and rust-resistant, and can therefore be used to make outdoor furniture. 

Use zinc hairpin legs with live-edge oak, concrete and pallets, for an attractive contrast.

 Chrome hairpin legs

Chrome hairpin legs

Chrome doesn't just look good on the front of a Mercedes. This flashy, reflective finish has a distinctly premium feel and contrasts well with charcoal grey and matte black surfaces.

You can also use chrome to offset warm tones, such as brass and gold. 

Matching footwear

Hairpin leg floor protectors

All new colour options come with our new floor protector feet – designed to protect hard floors from scratches without affecting your legs’ midcentury modern aesthetic.

See the full range

hairpin leg colours

For our full hairpin leg colour range, head to our shop

Or to see some of the amazing pieces made with our colourful hairpins, check out our Instagram


Anthracite Adam and Turquoise Tom

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