Seasonal Spruce: 5 Home-Makeover Ideas for Spring

Seasonal Spruce: 5 Home-Makeover Ideas for Spring - The Hairpin Leg Co.

The abundance of life that comes with Spring is always a welcome sight after the colder months. The days are stretching out like they've been as cooped up as us, and everywhere nature is bursting forward: branches are finally in leaf again, the fresh grass is already racing towards bare knees and its flowers galore. 

It's a beautiful time of the year and a wonderful energy that you can harness in many ways — one of those being in your home!

Spruce, clean, revive… whatever you want to call a home-makeover, we have five ideas for you, sure to reignite a sense of character and connection with your space this season.

Wild Wreaths

Spring Flower Wreath

Photo: Flower Paradise London

You may be more familiar with traditional winter wreaths, a source of cheer to hang on your door during the festivities. However, wreaths can be made all year round, using and celebrating the foliage that the different seasons bring into our lives. Both beautiful front door displays and dispersed throughout the house, you can purchase one (there are plenty on Etsy) or make your own — which we would highly recommend!

Starting with your frame, you shouldn't need to go out and buy too many materials to make a wreath that works for you. From wire, wicker or anything remotely circular that you don't mind adorning for the occasion, do make use of what you or a neighbour have, so your activity stays aligned with what you are championing… what's around you! You'll also want to get your hands on things like string, ribbon and any extra decorations you may want to attach.

It's then a case of heading outside to gather enough foliage to fill your frame. We'd recommend starting in your garden if you have one, then widening your search with a nature walk. Reach for a selection of pliable twigs and sprigs — think fern, willow, myrtle. Hedgerows are great! Flower wise, you may want to make use of the wildflowers in season, but make sure you have permission to do so, and always pick responsibly from a range of areas so your wider community can continue to enjoy them. Feel free to purchase a sustainably sourced bunch from a local shop for this as well.

Then go ahead and assemble. There are plenty of step-by-step guides for this online.

Spring Walls

Farrow & Ball Blue Room

Photo: Farrow & Ball

It wouldn't be half as jolly a season if it wasn't so defined by colour. Blossom, leaves, sunshine, rainbows… Spring is a time of embracing new hues and the lift they can bring to your space.

Whether it's a statement wall or the entire room, a lick of paint can bring a huge transformation. Plus you can always change it once the season passes, since painting produces such little waste and time (depending on the surface area you are redecorating of course).

According to a 2023 Spring Colour Trend Report, there's been a real push for maximalism of late, and with that has come some of the boldest colours the forecast has seen in a while. And they are coming into the home — azure blue, hot pink, sunflower yellow, lavender and red — why not brighten a bedroom with a splash of one of these?

Try Farrow & Ball, Little Greene or Lick for high quality paints and a wide range of colours. There's so much fun to be had in hunting for the spring hue for you.

Furnish Fresh

Hairpin Leg Co

Photo: Ideal Home

When it comes to a spruce, we don't mean kitting the entirety of your home in new things. Often, it's a touch here or there that can really land you in the energy you're after; the subtlety with which Spring transforms the outside world, infusing with your space.

That's where a soft furnish refresh has its power. From cushions and throws to rugs and curtains, these material touches contribute tenfold to an atmosphere, texturally and visually. They are often incredibly simple to swap out, and vice versa, too! This is great for those heavy blankets, which aren't so conducive with the warming weather — easily swappable for a lighter throw.

As mentioned above, bold colours are really in this season, so consider this when mulling over a new cushion cover set or some brighter curtains. If you want to go full Spring, it's worth adding some print, as per the 'dopamine decor' trend coming in this year: "using colour, pattern and tactile furnishings in your home as a way to make you feel happier"


Marie Kondo

Photo: Interior Design

That all being said, do keep in mind that a sense of change doesn't always have to mean making purchases left, right and centre. It's important that for the investments you do make, they are considered and worthwhile.

And in the true spirit of the season, we'd always recommend decluttering where possible. You may wish to start with this, or make these decisions as you introduce a few new pieces to your space. Either way, it's worthwhile maintaining a bit of a 'Marie Kondo' eye on things!

It doesn't have to be a huge dent — those things you've never used, pieces taking up a shelf that could be better utilised, what you know you need to let go of, but something's been stopping you. Channel that Spring-ness and make the cut. You'll feel better about it once you do so.

And in the most sustainable way possible, do be sure anything you declutter finds another home. Friends, family, neighbours, Facebook Marketplace, charity… There are endless ways to recycle your stuff these days, so make sure nothing reaches that bin!

Switch It Up

Hairpin Leg Co Coffee Table

Photo: Hairpin Leg Co Coffee Table

As a final sentiment from us, there are just so many ways you can give your home that Spring sweep, and we've got plenty of additions of our own that could make the perfect fit for this.

For cabinets, drawers and doors, our knobs and handles are the ideal example of a small investment with a huge impact. In our renowned industrial style, our range of brass knurl, bars and spiral pulls can really glitz up your storage facilities, whereas our geometric-style knobs really shimmer in the spring light. 

Or if you've been thinking of investing in some new furniture, now is the time! Our ready-made range of tables, desks and seating provide that subtle plunge into something new — think sleek hairpin legs married with smooth, Scandi-style birchwood tops.

You may even have a piece of furniture or reclaimed wood you want to upcycle yourself, in which case you can buy our hairpin legs for any project. Have a browse of our full range of furniture feet here.

Whatever you choose, do tag @thehairpinlegco and share your Spring spruces with us!

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