A range of 16" / 40cm legs, perfect for a variety of chairs, benches & stools


Stylish and Sturdy Bench and Stool Legs

Looking for a unique feature to make your furniture stand out? At The Hairpin Leg Company, we give your project a stylish appearance with our unique bench and stool legs. They are fashionable, firm, and reliably designed to support even the heaviest furniture.

Personalize Your Project with Stylish Bench and Stool Legs

We work with many clients looking for various types of bench and stool legs. Whether you are looking for single-pin box legs, trapezium industrial legs, or anything in between, look no further than The Hairpin Leg Company. We can design and produce bench and stool legs to your unique specifications right at our workshop.

Why Shop at The Hairpin Leg Company

Quality at Its Best

Each bench or stool leg set is made from durable and top-quality materials. Before shipping, we ensure all the products are in top shape and according to your specifications.

Extensive Experience

Our experts have years of expertise in their craft and are dedicated to producing the most reliable bench and stool legs. We also have state-of-the-art equipment to design and produce our products.

Variety of Designs

Our bench and stool designs are available in a range of shapes and materials. Thus, you have a range of options to revamp your furniture.

Customer Focused

Besides a seamless order process, our team is highly responsive, making it easy for you to work with us. We also promptly fix any issues in the few cases that arise.

Order Bench and Stool Legs Online

If you need unique bench or stool legs, browse our extensive catalog. We are sure you will find something for you. Do you have a specific design in mind? Simply send us a photo of the design. Our experts will do a CAD drawing and produce your designed custom bench or stool legs.