How to Fix Hairpin Legs

How to Fix Hairpin Legs

Discovering that your cherished hairpin legs are damaged can be disheartening. Whether it's a result of an unfortunate accident or the inevitable wear and tear, the thought of repair can be daunting. 

Don’t worry - we’re going to teach you how to fix hairpin legs so you can breathe fresh life into them! We’ll cover everything from tightening screws to addressing rust. 

However, not all repairs are feasible, and sometimes starting anew is the best choice. At The Hairpin Leg Co., we're here to support you, whether you choose to repair or replace, with a range of quality hairpin legs to rejuvenate your beloved furniture.

Can You Repair Hairpin Legs?

Repairing hairpin legs is feasible, but it requires a realistic assessment of your skills and the damage extent. 

First things first - what exactly are you trying to repair? Not all issues are fixable, and understanding the limits of DIY repairs is crucial. Some common problems like loose screws are often within the capabilities of a handy DIYer. 

However, more complex issues, such as severe bends or structural weld failures, may be beyond the scope of home repair. 

Recognising when it's more practical to replace the legs is important. New hairpin legs can be a cost-effective solution, saving time and effort. This way, you can focus on enjoying your furniture or other projects, without the hassle of complicated repairs. 

Remember, at The Hairpin Leg Co., we offer a wide selection of affordable replacements to refresh your cherished pieces. Our selection of furniture legs is second to none. We’ll explain why in a moment. First, let’s talk about how to fix hairpin legs and see if we can get them back to their original lustre once more!

How to Fix Hairpin Legs: Common Repair Tips

We’ve compiled tips on handling some of the most common repairs for hairpin legs below. From stabilising wobbly legs to adjusting bent legs, replacing feed pads, refinishing, and more - here’s how to fix hairpin legs!

Tightening Loose Screws and Bolts

Loose screws and bolts at the attachment site can compromise the stability of hairpin legs. Start by examining each leg to identify any loose connections. 

Using a screwdriver or a wrench, depending on the type of fastener, tighten each one securely. It's important to ensure even tightness across all legs to maintain balance. 

Anytime you encounter stripped screws, do your best to remove them and replace them with new ones of the same size. Regular checks and tightening can prevent wobbling and maintain the longevity of the connection.

Replacing Worn Protector Feet 

Worn protector feet on hairpin legs can lead to instability and floor damage.

Replacement floor protectors for hairpin legs are available to buy online. We sell our own high-quality, tough rubber hairpin floor protector feet, available in 8 different colour options here.

Replacing the floor protectors not only stabilises the legs but also protects your floors from scratches.

Dealing with Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion can weaken hairpin legs over time. 

If the rust has not been allowed to develop too much, it should be reasonably easy to clean using some WD40, and a green kitchen scour sponge pad. We do this in production since the steel often has rust when purchased.

Once clean, you have a few options:

  1. You can continue along this route, cleaning the legs periodically. How often will depend on the environment they are kept in. Most homes should be dry enough that you should not need to do this any more than 1 - 3 times a year, while at a coastal property with salty humid air, you may need to do this every day.
  2. Self-finish the legs. You can do this in a few ways, as detailed in our build guides (hairpin leg build guide). Furniture wax is the simplest way to keep a raw steel look, although penetrating oil is a good DIY option that lasts longer.
  3. Purchase some of our finished options. We make all of our products in a clear coat powder coat which keeps the raw steel look while protecting the steel.

If your legs are rusted and corroded from being outside in the elements, consider replacing them with our outdoor table legs.

Refinishing and Repainting for a Fresh Look

Refinishing hairpin legs can rejuvenate their appearance if father time has taken its toll on yours. Begin by sanding the legs to remove old paint and create a smooth surface. Wipe them clean of dust. You will then need an etch primer base coat followed by an enamel top coat. You can get both in a rattle can form from any car hardware shop (such as Halfords in the UK)

We have a blog article with full detailed instructions for this here. 

Recognising When Hairpin Legs Are Beyond Fixing

While you may find value in our advice on how to fix hairpin legs, we mentioned earlier that not all issues can be remedied. Sometimes, you’ll have to bite the bullet and replace the legs altogether. This not only saves you wasted effort - it’s a matter of safety. 

If the leg's structure is severely compromised, such as extensive rust that has eaten through the metal or if multiple welds are broken, repair might not be viable. 

Furthermore, if bends are too acute or if the leg has snapped, it is unlikely to regain its original strength and stability even after straightening. 

In such cases, it's more practical and safer to replace the legs. Continual bending or repairing severely weakened legs can lead to furniture instability, posing a risk to users.

If you discover that you’re unable to fix your hairpin legs, don’t stress - the perfect replacement is just a click away at The Hairpin Leg Co.

Get Replacement Hairpin Legs at The Hairpin Leg Co. Today!

At The Hairpin Leg Co., we offer a vast range of hairpin legs, perfectly tailored for DIYers, makers, and professionals. Our legs are modelled after the classic 1940s design, and they’re a truly brilliant addition to any home or office.

Sizes range from 10cm for small furniture to 102cm for larger projects, available in twin and triple rod styles. They are constructed from high-quality steel with a unique cupped weld design, ensuring both strength and style. 

With a variety of finishes like sleek powder coating, raw steel, and real metal options, we have something for every project. Here are some of our most popular collections:

Plus, with free UK delivery, a 5-year warranty, and a 60-day return policy, your satisfaction is our priority. Upgrade your furniture today with the finest hairpin legs from The Hairpin Leg Co. - where quality meets craftsmanship.

Closing Thoughts on How to Fix Hairpin Legs

Our guide on how to fix hairpin legs has walked you through various ways to repair hairpin legs, from tightening loose components to tackling rust and corrosion.

While DIY repairs can be fulfilling, they require a careful assessment of the damage and your abilities. Sometimes, the best solution is to replace the legs.

We hope you have gained some sort of value from these insights, whether it’s in regards to making a repair or the realisation that you are better off replacing your legs altogether here at The Hairpin Leg Co.

You can learn more about what hairpin legs are or how to attach table legs in our blog. Otherwise, it’s time to find the perfect replacement here at The Hairpin Leg Co. and get your furniture back to looking as good as new.

We offer a wide selection, free UK shipping, and a 60-day return policy, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your furniture project. Let’s elevate your furniture together!

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