How to Fix Table Legs

How to Fix Table Legs

Discovering wobbly, uneven, or tarnished table legs can be frustrating, affecting both the look and function of your furniture. 

But you don’t have to stress any longer. We’re here to help walk you through how to fix table legs to get your furniture back to looking as good as new! Discover practical solutions to restore stability and aesthetics below.

Alongside these repair tips, we'll also highlight how it’s often more prudent to replace rather than repair. And for those moments, The Hairpin Leg Co. is here with a selection of high-quality table legs, ensuring your furniture is not just fixed, but transformed.

Let's dive into making your tables stand proud once again - whether through a quick fix or a fresh set of legs from our online store.

Can You Fix Table Legs?

First, let’s address the elephant in the room - you can’t always fix table legs. Sometimes, you have no choice but to bite the bullet and replace the legs altogether with a fresh set.

Determining whether you can fix table legs hinges on understanding the specific issues they face and the feasibility of repairs. 

Minor repairs such as tightening loose screws are straightforward, typically requiring only basic tools like a screwdriver or a wrench. These issues are common and can often be resolved with a quick fix. 

However, when the damage is more severe, such as deep cracks or significant structural wear, the repair process becomes more complex. In such cases, you might need advanced woodworking skills, specialised tools, or even replacement parts. 

It’s essential to accurately assess the damage and have a clear understanding of the repair process before deciding to proceed.

Sometimes, repair may not be the most practical option. If your table legs are extensively damaged, continually require repairs, or if the cost of fixing them exceeds the cost of replacement, it might be time to consider getting new ones. 

Another factor is the aesthetic aspect. Styles and personal preferences change over time, and your old table legs might not complement your current home decor. Upgrading to new legs can refresh the look of your table and, by extension, your space. 

Additionally, safety is a crucial consideration. If the structural integrity of the legs is compromised to the point where it poses a safety risk, replacement is the best course of action.

That being said, let’s talk about how to fix table legs below in certain scenarios where repair is feasible.

How to Fix Table Legs: Different Repairs for Various Problems

There are five different types of issues we’ve seen effectively remedied when it comes to repairing table legs. Hopefully, one of these issues is what you’re experiencing so you can get your table legs back to their old glory with our advice below.

Remember, though - the best table leg design is just a few clicks away at The Hairpin Leg Co. if you discover that fixing table legs is simply not feasible!

Tightening Loose Screws and Bolts

Perhaps the simplest fix for table legs is remedying loose screws and bolts, which can lose their security over time due to regular use. 

First, identify which screws or bolts are loose. Then, simply use a screwdriver or a wrench to tighten them. It's crucial to ensure they're snug but not overtightened, as this could strip the threads or damage the wood.

Levelling Uneven Legs

Uneven legs can cause a table to wobble. To level them, measure each leg's height and identify the shorter one. Bolster the height by adding shims under the shorter ones, between the top of the leg and where it connects to the tabletop if possible. Ensure the table is stable and level on the floor.

Repairing Cracks and Splits

In wooden table legs specifically, cracks and splits can occur from physical damage in use or transportation. Or, maybe the wood is starting to splinter merely as a result of age. Either way, sometimes these cracks and splits can be rectified. 

Wood glue can be effective for smaller cracks. Apply glue into the crack and clamp the leg until it dries. Larger splits may require dowels or splines for reinforcement. Carefully drill holes and insert the dowels with glue, then clamp. Extra pro tip - sand the area down a bit before applying the glue, collect the dust and mix in with the glue to match the colour of the table legs.

Reinforcing Weak Joints

If the leg is weak where it joins the table, reinforce it. This can be done using metal brackets or corner braces. Secure the brackets with screws, ensuring they're tight and well-aligned to strengthen the joint.

Dealing with Cosmetic Damage

While the main purpose of table legs is to provide structure for the tabletop, you also want your legs to elevate the aesthetic of your home. But when cosmetic damage rears its ugly head, it detracts from the appearance of your space.

For scratches and dents, sanding the area and refinishing it can help. If the damage is deep, wood filler can be used before sanding and refinishing. Sometimes, metal table legs will rust - especially outdoor table legs, You can clean this rust and re-coat the legs. Our coated legs won’t rust if used indoors, but our raw steel legs may.

Avoid the Headache and Hassle of Fixing Table Legs - Get a Fresh Start at The Hairpin Leg Co.!

As we said from the start, not all repairs for table legs are feasible. If you find that you’re unable to get your table legs fixed, don’t fret. A fresh start is just a click away at The Hairpin Leg Co. - where superior craftsmanship meets exceptional design.

Our wooden furniture legs are sculpted from robust oak, ensuring durability and showcasing the natural elegance of the wood. They’re finished with hard wax oil for an authentic look.

But, we also have the best metal table legs for something more modern and bold. These steel legs are the epitome of strength and modernity, with finishes that resist corrosion and maintain their lustre over time.

Our collection caters to every aesthetic, from the iconic hairpin legs to the sturdy industrial table legs styles we’ve designed, ensuring a perfect fit for your table and room. Here are some of our most popular styles:

You can also sort based on the specific type of furniture legs you need, from dining table legs to coffee table legs, bar table legs, and more.

We pride ourselves on our customer-centric approach, providing detailed support and advice to assist you in selecting the right legs, walking you through the best way to connect table legs, talking about how to protect wood floors from furniture legs, and more.

Our robust 5-year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee underscores our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, giving you confidence in your investment. 

So, choose  Hairpin Leg Co. for a seamless blend of quality, style, and sustainability. Elevate your dining experience with table legs that promise longevity and a touch of elegance today as we wrap up our guide on how to fix table legs!

Closing Thoughts on How to Fix Table Legs

In conclusion, while minor table leg repairs like tightening screws or levelling can be DIY fixes, significant damage often calls for replacement.

Whether you came here wondering how to fix hairpin legs or any other type of table legs, we hope you feel confident in your next steps. As we’ve covered in this guide on how to fix table legs, you’re often better off investing in new legs here at The Hairpin Leg Co.

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Otherwise, it’s time to either get to work fixing your table legs or browse our collection to find the perfect replacements. The Hairpin Leg Co. stands ready to provide high-quality, stylish table legs that not only repair but transform your furniture, ensuring safety, stability, and a refreshed aesthetic. 

With a diverse range, custom options, and dedicated support, we guarantee a seamless upgrade to your living space. Shop now for a sturdy, stylish foundation that lasts!

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