How to Install Sofa Legs: Overview of Attaching New Legs to Your Couch

How to Install Sofa Legs

Putting new legs on an old sofa or building a custom sofa from scratch can be a thrilling and fulfilling project that transforms your living room. 

There are aesthetic and practical reasons to take on this task, and if you’re looking for expert guidance on pulling it off, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ll walk you through how to install sofa legs below, covering everything from whether it’s actually possible to picking the right replacement legs, navigating the installation process, and maintaining your furniture to keep it stunning for the long haul.

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Can I Put Different Legs on My Couch?

Let’s start by determining if your current couch even supports leg replacement in the first place. Chances are, yes - you can put different legs on your couch! Most sofas come with standard fittings that allow for leg replacements. It’s just a matter of finding suitable replacements.

But, why would you want to go through the work of learning how to install sofa legs?

Choosing custom legs for your sofa can breathe fresh life into a dated piece of furniture, or even just transform its style to match the rest of the room - be it classic or modern, rustic or sleek.

But there are also practical benefits to learning how to attach sofa legs. You can raise the sofa up a bit to make it more accessible for those with mobility issues. Or, you can lower it if you’re interested in creating a more intimate, relaxed living space that aligns with modern style.

If you’re concerned about the stability of your couch as it currently stands, upgrading the legs can be a way to enhance its durability and support. There are really high-quality legs at your disposal that could improve its lifespan. We’ll help you find them below.

Tips on Choosing Your Sofa Legs

Part of the appeal of learning how to attach sofa legs is there are so many directions you can take this project - from wooden furniture legs that offer a warm, rustic feel to metal furniture legs for a sleek, modern vibe.

We’ll help you navigate the style and material side of things along with sizing and sourcing below so you can set yourself up for success.

Style Considerations

You should choose legs that harmonise with the style of your sofa. For a modern sofa, sleek steel or chrome legs might be appropriate, whereas a classic Chesterfield might suit ornate wooden legs better.

The aesthetic of the rest of your living room plays a part here too, though. It’s important that the sofa legs are cohesive with the entire space. For instance, minimalist designs work well in contemporary settings, while more detailed and carved legs fit into traditional spaces. 

Think about whether you want the sofa itself to be the centrepeice of your living area or if you’d rather it blend in. Bold, contrasting legs can make a statement and draw attention, while legs that match the sofa’s fabric or leather tend to offer a subtle, cohesive look.

Material Choices

There are three main materials you can choose from, each with its unique pros and cons:

  • Wood: A traditional choice that offers warmth and a classic appeal. It’s versatile and comes in various finishes so you can easily match them to your existing furniture pieces.
  • Metal: Provide a modern look and are generally very durable and strong. They can support more weight, making them a good option for heavier sofas.
  • Plastic and Acrylic: These are a more affordable option that can be found in various colours and styles. They work well for lighter sofas and add a contemporary touch to the space.

Size Matters

The height of the legs influences the aesthetics and functionality of your couch, so don’t overlook this consideration. As we said earlier, changing the height of your sofa with different leg sizes can impact the seating comfort and the line of sight in your living area. Higher legs can facilitate easier cleaning underneath the sofa, too.

Width is worth considering as well - thicker legs tend to provide more support and stability, which is particularly important for larger sofas. Always assess the weight rating of any legs before you make your purchase.

Balancing the scale of your legs with the sofa will prevent the couch from looking out of place or being unstable - so prioritise proportionality. 

Finding a Reliable Retailer

Where you buy your sofa legs is just as important as the style and size, as it influences everything from durability and value to ease of installation. 

The last thing you want is to be left in the dark if you have any questions about how to install sofa legs, or worse, find that your legs are incompatible and you’re unable to issue an exchange.

So, do your due diligence in shopping and assess the retailer's reputation before you place your order. Reading reviews from other customers will give you peace of mind knowing you’re shopping with a worthy brand.

As we said from the start, you can rest assured you’re getting the experience you deserve when you shop here at The Hairpin Leg Co. If you still need legs for your sofa, explore our catalog and see what catches your eye. In the meantime, we’ll walk you through how to attach sofa legs below.

How to Install Sofa Legs: Step-by-Step Guide

Once you have your new legs and a free weekend to tackle this project, here’s how to attach sofa legs - starting with a bit of prep work.


You’ll want to begin by gathering supplies and tools to execute this project with precision and efficiency - that includes a screwdriver or drill, a tape measure, and possibly a wrench depending on the type of legs and fittings.

Then, find a clear work area that offers easy access to the sofa from all sides. A soft surface like a carpet or a blanket can prevent damage to both the sofa and your floor. Our advice is to install the new legs in the living room where the couch will sit so you don’t have to worry about scuffing walls carrying a sofa through the house or building.

If your new legs come with specific instructions (ours come equipped with a detailed builders guide), review these thoroughly to understand the process and any specific requirements.

Removing Old Legs

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to remove the old legs from your sofa first. Flip the sofa over onto its back so you can easily access the existing legs. Be careful about damaging the sofa in this process or hurting yourself if it’s too heavy - get help if needed.

Use a screwdriver or wrench to remove the screws or bolts that hold the legs in place. Keep all fasteners in case you need them for the new legs. With the old legs removed, you can clean the areas around the attachment points to ensure a smooth installation of the new legs.

Installing New Legs

Now comes the fun part - attaching your new legs! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how install sofa legs:

  1. Check the Fitting Type: Determine if your new legs come with a standard screw-in fitting or use a different attachment type, such as bolt-on or interlocking mechanisms. 
  2. Mark the Attachment Points: If the new legs have different attachment points than the old ones, measure and mark where the new legs will be installed. Use a tape measure to ensure they are evenly placed for stability.
  3. Drill Pilot Holes: Wooden sofa frames need a small pilot hole to prevent the wood from splitting, especially when using larger screws.
  4. Attach the Legs: Screw the legs into place, starting by hand to make sure they fit correctly. Once in place, use your drill or screwdriver to tighten them securely. If using bolts, ensure they are fastened tightly with a wrench.

Final Adjustments

Most of the hard work is done at this point. But now, you need to turn the sofa upright and apply slight pressure to check for stability. 

Make sure each leg is securely fastened and the sofa doesn’t wobble. You can use a level to check that the sofa sits flat on the floor. If any leg is shorter or longer and causes an imbalance, additional adjustments or padding under the leg may be in order.

Take a seat and assess your work - if you’re satisfied, grab yourself a drink and relax on your new couch. You deserve it!

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Parting Thoughts on How to Attach Sofa Legs

That concludes our guide on how to install sofa legs - hopefully, this step-by-step overview has left you with complete confidence and clarity on tackling this fun DIY project.

This can be a simple yet profound transformation for your furniture, and thus, the space it occupies. With the right tools, careful preparation, and precise execution, you can ensure your sofa not only looks great but stands sturdy and even. 

Our blog has more resources on how to install furniture legs in general including how to attach legs to a table, how to add legs to a cabinet, the best way to connect table legs, how to protect carpet from furniture legs, how to protect wood floors from furniture legs, the types of cabinet legs, and more.

Otherwise, now that you know where to buy wooden furniture legs or metal furniture legs, there’s only one thing left to do - browse our selection at The Hairpin Leg Co. and uncover the perfect sofa legs for this project! Breathe new life into your favourite furniture today.

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